Creating healthier communities, together (2014 & 2015)

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Help us create healthier communities internationally

We use a community-focused approach to achieve the greatest impact where it is needed most. Funds from this site will go toward the in-country project costs of public health programs and community education.


  • Provide health resources close to home: Being hours away from any basic health resources, rural villages in Guatemala have created their own solution. They have designated and trained community health workers to provide midwifery and prenatal care close to home. Providence has created educational workshops for these workers to enhance their training and connection to health care providers. You can provide scholarships for the essential training they need.
  • Make homes healthier: We are starting with the basics: clean water, clean air and sanitary latrines. This work gets right to the root causes of serious health risks for adults and children in Guatemala, creating sustainable solutions for long-term change.

Tijuana, Mexico

  • Esperanza International supports sustainable, dignified housing and coordinates international volunteer groups to participate with families in constructing their homes. Joining in Esperanza’s work offers an opportunity to work alongside local community members while learning about the US-Mexico border, immigration, and human rights. Esperanza is rooted in the values of solidarity, community, trust, dignity, respect, participation, and diversity. The organization’s mission is to create a better world by encouraging global citizenship through participation in their program.

Our belief that health care is a basic human right compels us to reach beyond our borders and ensure everyone has access to health services in their communities. With 34 hospitals and more than 70,000 caregivers, we draw on the diverse resources and talents of our five-state health and social services organization to meet the needs of those who are poor and vulnerable. Regardless of national boundaries, compassionate service to all has been a part of the Providence Mission since the Sisters of Providence began their work in Montreal nearly 170 years ago. Carrying this mission as we always have, we continue to touch lives wherever relief, comfort and care are needed most.

There are many ways you can support us. If you would like to make a donation to one of our many international programs, including educational exchanges or medical outreach teams, please visit

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